xslt tutorial - what is xslt

what is xslt ?

xslt, the extensible stylesheet language for transformation.it provides a flexible, powerful language for transforming xml document into xhtml document or to other xml document.

some quick point about the xslt language.

  • xslt stands for extensible stylesheet language transformations.
  • xslt provides a flexible, powerful document transforming facility.
  • xslt transforms an xml document into another xhtml/xml document.
  • xslt is a declarative and functional language.
  • xslt has a special namespace of tags, usually indicated by xsl:
  • xslt is an official recommendation of the word wide web consortium(w3c).

xslt documents

an xslt document is a well-formed xml document. an xslt document consists of a number of element/tags/attributes.these can be xsl elements or elements from another language(such as html).the xslt document look like same as a xml document.

XSL transformation

xslt is the most important part of xsl. xsl transformations(xslt 2.0) is a language for transforming xml documents into other xml documents , text documents or html documents.

a transformation can take in one of three locations:

  • on the server.
  • on the client(your browser).
  • with a standalone program.

xslt is used in two common situations.

  • to convert from xml into a presentation-specific format, such as html.
  • to convert from the format understood by one application into the structure required by another.this is particularly common when exchanging data between different organizations.

xslt and xpath

xpath is a simple language for identifying parts of an xml document that are of interest.

xpath is used by xslt language.

xpath cannot be used stand-alone and it more powerful .

if you want to study xpath read our xpathtutorial.