how view a xml file

you can view xml file documents with a simple text editor , there are free xml viewers that present the contents in a more readable form.xml viewers interpret the documents so it will display the xml document using any styles that have been applied using xstl or css.

all modern browsers support xml file,all browser able to display the contents of xml files.

all xml file name contain with .xml file extension.

view a xml file example:

<?xml version="1.0"    encoding=utf-8 >
                                <title> java </title>
                                <author> gems leys </author>
                                <pages> 1001 </pages>
                                <type> java development authority </type>
                                <company> wordpress </company>
                                <title> how view a xml file </title>
                                <value> anybody can view a xml file in browser </value>

viewing an valid xml file :

all modern browsers support the xml file, and all browser able to display the contents of xml file.

look this xml file: my_demo_xml_file.xml

viewing an invalid xml file

when you open an erroneous xml file is opened, the browser will report the error.

look this xml file : xml_error.xml