xlink tutorial - what is xlink?

what is xlink - xml linking language, or xlink is an xml markup language and w3c specification that provides methods for creating internal and external links within xml documents, and associating metadata with those links.

xlink provides a framework for creating both basic unidirectional links and more complex linking structures.

some important points about the xlink :

  • xlink is short for the xml linking language
  • xlink is a language for creating hyperlinks in xml documents
  • xlink is similar to html links - but it is a lot more powerful
  • xlink supports simple links(like html link system) and extended links (for linking multiple"more then one" resources     together)
  • with xlink, the links can be defined outside of the linked files
  • xlink is a 'w3c recommendation'

what is xpointer language?

xpointer is a system for addressing components of xml base internet media.

xpointer language is divided among four specifications: a 'framework' which forms the basis for identifying xml fragments, a positional element addressing scheme, a scheme for namespaces, and a scheme for xpath-based addressing.

some important points about xpointer

  • xpointer is short for the xml pointer language
  • xpointer uses xpath expressions to navigate in the xml document.
  • xpointer is a w3c recommendation

xlink browser support

the browser supports for xlink and xpointer is minimal.

there is some xlink supports is mozilla 0,98+, netscape 6.02+, internet explorer 6.0.earlier versions of all of these browsers have no xlinks support at all!