php Introduction

the php is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language.

php code are executed on the server side.

what is php :-

  • php is recursive acronym for hypertext preprocessor
  • php is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language
  • php can be embedded into html
  • php scripts are executed on the server each time the page visited

note : php files have extension ".php"

php can do :-

  • php can generate dynamic page content
  • php can send and receive cookies
  • php support large volume of databases(mysql, odbc).
  • php can add, delete , replace, clone, modify data in your database
  • php support sockets and protocols services
  • php has useful text processing features
  • with php you are not limited to output html. php's abilities includes outputting images, pdf    files and even flash movies generated on the fly.

php tutorial for beginners,advanced php tutorials - examples

need to run php

to run the php pages, you need a computer with the following software:

a web server (such as iis, apache etc).

php Interpreter.

database server (mysql).

the php code is enclosed in special start and end processing instructions <?php     ?>.

       <head>  <title> php demo example </title>
          <p>this is the first page of php </p>


                             echo   "hello, i'am a php script";


the phpinfo method get system information from php.

wampserver :-

Wampserver is an open source project, using it you can create dynamic web application with apache, php and mysql database. with wampserver you can manage easily your database.

download it -: