PHP  AJAX and  xml

ajax increase the web page's interactivity, speed, and usability.

ajax can be used for communication with a xml document.

PHP ajax xml example

how a web page can fetch information from an xml document with ajax and PHP:

select a book

when the user selects a book name in the dropdown list above, at this time a background javascript code is executed. and send a request to server side php:

look this complete js code below:

 function    showbook( book ){
                 if  ( book <= 0 ){
                    document.getelementbyid ("showtext").innerhtml="";
                 if ( window.xmlhttprequest ){
                       xmlhttp  = new  xmlhttprequest();
                     }else {
                             // code for ie6,  ie5
                             xmlhttp = new  activexobject( "microsoft.xmlhttp");
     xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function(){
             if ( xmlhttp.readystate==4 && xmlhttp.status==200){
      document.getelementbyid("showtext").innerhtml= xmlhttp.responsetext;
                "get", "ajaxhandler.php?q="+book, true )
      <P>select  a user name <p>
       <select  name="books"  onchange = "showbook(this.value)" >
         <option  value="java">java</option>
         <option  value="php">php</option>
         <option  value="ajax">ajax</option>
         <option  value="html">html</option>
         <option  value="jquery">jquery</option>
  <div id="showtext">books datas here ... </div>

server side PHP File

server side php code which handle the request send by ajax and return the response:

          $v =  $_get['q']; //get the value 
          $file =  '.\\'.$v.'.'.'xml';
             // first  load  data.xml file 
             $output   =  simplexml_load_file( "$file", "simplexmlelement" );

             echo     'name : '. $output->item[0]->name;   echo "<br/>";
             echo     'price : '. $output->item[0]->price; echo "<br/>";
             echo     'quantity : '. $output->item[0]->quantity;