jquery dommanipulation html - css methods

jquery html - css methods  

addclass()add class names to selected elements.
after()inserts content after the selected element.
append()inserts content at the end of selected elements.
appendto()inserts every element at the end of selected elements.
attr()sets or gets attributes/values of selected elements.
before()insert content before matched elements.
clone()create a deep copy of selected elements.
css()add or returns css style properties for selected elements.
detach()remove the set of matched elements from the dom.
empty()remove all child nodes of the matched elements from the dom
hasclass()checks if any of the selected elements have a class name .
height()sets or returns the height of the selected elements.
html()get or set the html content of selected elements.
innerheight()returns the height of an element including padding ,but not border.
innerwidth()returns the width of an element including padding ,but not border.
insertafter()inserts elements after selected elements.
insertbefore()inserts elements before selected elements.
offsetget/set the offset coordinates of the selected element, relative to the document.
offsetparent()returns the first positioned parent element.
outerheight()returns the height of an element, including padding and border.
outerwidth()returns the width of an element, including padding and border.
position()returns the position of an element.
prepend()insert content at the beginning of selected element.
prependto()inserts html elements at the beginning of selected elements.
prop()set/get the property of selected elements.
remove()removes the selected elements ,including data and events.
removeattr()removes attributes from selected elements.
removeprop()removes the property sets.
replacewith()replaces selected elements with new content.
replaceall()replaces selected elements with new html elements.
scrollleft()set/get the horizontal scrollbar position of matched elements.
scrolltop()set/get the vertical scrollbar position of selected elements.
text()set/get the text content of matched elements.
toggleclass()toggles between add/remove class from selected elements.
unwrap()remove the parent element of the matched element.
width()sets/gets the width of selected elements.
wrap()wraps an html structure around each element in the set of matched elements.
wrapall()wraps an html structure around all selected elements.
wrapinner()wraps an html structure around the content of each selected element.