javaScript browser objects(BOM) properties methods

location object properties:

Location contains information about the current URL of the browser. The most common usage of Location is simply to use it to automatically navigate the user to another page:

The location object is part of the window object and is accessed through the window.location property.

hashsets or returns the subsection of the href property that follows the sign(#)
hostsets or returns the hostname and port of the location or the url.
hostnamesets or returns the host name part of the location or url
hrefsets or returns the entire url as a string
pathnamesets or returns the file name or path specified by the object
portsets or returns the port number associated with a url
protocolsets or returns the protocol portion of a url
searchsets or returns the substring of the href property that follows the mark(?)

location object methods:

assign()load a new document at the provided url
reload()reload the document from the current url
replace()replaces the current document with a new provided url

history object properties:

the history object is part of the window object and is accessed through the window.history property.

lengthreturns the number of urls in the history list
statereturns the current state object

history object methods:

back()loads a previous url from the history list.
forward()loads the next url from the history list.
go()loads a url from the history list

navigator object properties:

The Navigator object provides information about the browser that the user is currently using. All the properties are read-only and can not be dynamically changed. Typically the Navigator object properties are used to determine the users browser and navigate to sections of the site containing browser-specific content.

appnameretrieves the name of the client.
appCodeNamereturns the code name of the browser
appVersionreturns the platform and version of the application
appMinorVersionreturns the application's minor version value.
browserLanguagereturns the current operating system language
cookieEnabledreturns a boolean indicating whether cookies are enabled or not
onLinereturns a value indicating whether the system is online
platformreturns the name of the user's operating system.
userAgentreturns a string equivalent to the http user-agent request header
mimeTypesreturns a list of the mime types supported by the browser

navigator object methods:

javaEnabledindicates whether the host browser is java-enabled or not.
taintEnabledreturns whether data tainting is enabled

screen object properties:

the screen object makes information about the client's display capabilities available to javaScript.

availHeightreturns the height of the screen (excluding the windows taskbar)
availWidthreturns the width of the screen (excluding the windows taskbar)
colorDepthreturns the color depth of the screen in pixels
pixelDepthreturns the bit depth of the screen
heightreturns the total height of the screen in pixels
widthreturns the total width of the screen in pixels
topreturns the distance in pixels from the top side of the current screen