HTML <meta> tag(element)

the html <meta> tag is a generic mechanism for specifying meta data.

the html <meta> element specifies a property/value pair.the name attribute identifies the property and the content attribute specifies the property value.

the html <meta> element information can be used by search engines and some other web services.

the <meta> element in html has not end element

the <meta> tag syntax:<meta   content="value"  name="value">

    <title> this is a demo for meta information part</title>
    <meta  name="keyword" content="css,html,javascript,php,tutorials>
    <meta  charset="utf-8">
    <meta  http-equiv="refresh"   content="3 url=./next.html">
    <meta  http-equiv="expires"   content="your website expire date value">
    <meta  name="description" content="website page description">
    <meta  name="author"    content="any developer name"  >

the html meta attribute

charsetcharcter setthe character encoding for the html document
contenttext values associated information
  1. author
  2. keyword
  3. description
  4. date
metainformation name
schemecdataselect form of content

global attribute

the <meta> tag also support the global attributes.