html heading (h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6)

In HTML The heading is most important part of the HTML document. Heading support the six level. h1 is considered highest level and go to level h6 is lowest. Search engines use your headings to index the structure and content of your web pages.

when you careate you page then only use one h1 heading per page for seo purpose

h2 and h3, h4 heading tag can use more then one.

html heading is divided into six types <h1> to <h6>

how use html heading tag example

                the first heading ----------- <h1> </h1>
                this is second heading------<h2> </h2> 
                the third heading ----------  <h3> </h3>
                the fourth heading----------  <h4> </h4>
                the fifth  heading----------  <h5> </h5>
                the six level of heading---   <h6> </h6>

Break element

this tag is used to add the line break used it when we write a message format paragraph

Break tag have not end tag its format :<br/>


             <p>Name :sandeep kumar<br/>
             Mother-Name:manohari devi<br/>
        adderess:jp,Nagar  6th phase  chikasyam layout <br> , bangalore  india </p>
    aboue code output when you use <br> tag inside taxt 
               Name:sandeep kuamr
               address:jp,Nagar 6th phase
               chikasymi layout
               bangalore india

(rules)Horizontal Line:-

<hr> element is used to creates a horizontal line in an html document <hr> is used to separate the document content
this tag format is <hr/>

      <p>  this is the paragraph value and somemessage here</p><hr/>
      <p> second paragraph </p><hr/>


<blockquote> tag indents the elements it encapsulates and insert spase above and below the blockquote this tag format:<blockquote>

html tags are divided into two types elements  block level elements and   inline element

block elements:

block level elements always start with new line.

block level tagsdescription
<div> ----
<h1 to h6> tags----

inline elements:

inline element not statr with new line.

inline tagsdescription
<big> ----