html head Section

the <head> element of an html document contains several other elements. the following elements can be added to the head portion :<title>, <meta>  <link>,  <style>, <base>,<noscript>, <script>. this is Most important part of the web page,because its collect information to search engine ,provide additional information to html document. evalute title for browsers.

html <title> element:

title tag defines the title of the document.
title tag format is:<title> text for title</title>. title is usefull for search engine.

            <head>     <title> html  head tutorials <title>
              <head>   <html>

html <link> element

the link is used relationship between a the document and external document.

  • the link tag does not encapsulate any text
  • the link tag does not have an ending tag
  • the link tag provide external javascrip and stylesheet to current html document.
      <head> <title>the html tutorials<title>
              <link rel="stylesheet"  href="(url) external style sheet file" />
              <link rel="javascript" href="(url) external java-script file"/>
              <link rel="shortcut-icon"   href=".\\images\\favicon.ico"  type="image/x-icon"/>

html<style> element

style element defines cascadestyle sheet (css)information for an html document.

every style element have matching closing element.

                  <style  type="text/css">
                h1{border:1px solid green;width:100px;height:100px;}

html script

html script tag is used to define a client side script as a java_script ,vb_script.

                       document.write("this is demo how add a bit javascript code in html document");

html meta tags inside the html head section:-

the <meta> tag contains meta information(data) for the document.

meta tag information can be used by browsers ,search engines. meta tag always put inside head part.

the meta tag have not end tag

     <head>        <title> html head section title tags</title>
             <meta  name="keywords"  content="css,html,javascrip"/>
             <meta  name="description"   content="css and html tutorial guid"/>
             <meta  http-equiv="content-Type" content="text/html" charset="utf-8"/>
             <meta  http-equiv="refresh"  content="30"/>
</head> </html>

html <meta name="keywords" /> never used by search engins so its your choice you can use or not

html <meta name="description" /> tag are usefull for search engines