HTML event attributes

html elements support number type of events keyboard,mouse,window,form.

keyboard events

event attributeevent description
onkeydownindicates that a key is being pressed down with focus on the element
onkeypressindicates that a key has been pressed and released with focus on the element
onkeyupindicates that a key is being released with focus on the element

mouse events:-

event attributeevent description
onclickpointer button was clicked.
ondbclickpointer button was double-clicked
onmousedownpointer button was pressed down
onmouseuppointer button was released
onmouseoverpointer was moved into element
onmousemovepointer was moved within element
onmouseout pointer was moved away from element

form element:-

event attributeevent description
onblurelement lost focus
onfocuselement gained focus
onresetform was reset
onsubmitform was submitted
onchangeform element value changed
onselecttext in a form field has been selected

document events:-

event attributeevent description
onloaddocumnet has been loaded
onunloaddocument has been removed