HTML Editors - write the html code

How you creat the HTML code file,how it work.

  • first you need a html editor
  • Download professional HTML editors software
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (95% dovelopers use this editor)
  • Notepad++ (this editor support html environment)
  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • first Step :- start the Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Second Step :- create the complete Html File.

how write and save html code file example

     <!Doctype html>
        <html>  <head>
         <title> html editor</title>
           <meta name="keyword"   content="html css"/>
           <meta name="description" content="htm code editors"/>
           <link type="text/css"  href="" media="screen"/>
           <link type="javascript" href="" />
            <p>paragrph element</p>
            <h1>heading  block element </h1>
    <div>  top  div element </div>
              <tr> <th> headings </th> <td>datas</td> 
              </tr> </table>  
   <img  src="img path" width="100px" height="400px" 
                           alt="image information for search engine"/>
    <a href="">open Google </a>
  <pre> *______preformatted text put inside pre tag___*  like</pre>
 </div>  </body>  </html> 

step 3:--how you Save html code File

  • Go to File menu item
  • click on save or saveAs after the save dialog box open
  • input name of html file with .html .htm extension and click ok

step 4: Run the Browser you use----- open your html file in browser and look the html file code result.