how create table in html

html table is defined with <table>  tag.
html table has matching end tag </table>. table present in row<tr> and column<td> format.<tr> hold the table cell <th> holds the table data content.

html table example:-

      <table style="border:1px solid red">
      <td>  <a   href=""   target="_top">click</a></td>
      <td>  <img src="/imaes/rose.png"  alt="text" /> </td>
      <tr> <td><p>this is the paragraph </p></td>
      <td> <h1>this is heading</h1></td>
      </tr>   </table>

table example result:-

please click

this is the paragraph

this is the heading

table heading:-

<th>tag hold table headings.its defined by<th>---</th>

     <table style="border:1px solid red;">
       <th> value for heading</th> <th> second heading</th>
     </tr> </table>
table tagsdescription
<table>defines a table in html document
<tr>defines a row in table
<th>defines a table heading
<td>defines a table cell
<colgroup>defines a table column group
<thead>groups header content in table
<tbody> groups body content in table
<tfoot>groups footer content in table