About privacy

the privacy statement for the w3webtutorial :-

we do not collect personal information from our users.the w3webtutorial requites no user registration all users are free to use w3webtutorial and access all its pages.


w3webtutorial uses cookies like almost all websites. but we do not collect any personally information and sensitive information and no padd personally identification data to third parties.

cookies are uses for site improvment, sites speed, and allow you to share pages with social netwok facebook,google+ linkedin, twitter.

cookies are uses for provide free information, services, products content (by advertisment).

visitor tracking system cookies

w3webtutorial use cookies to track visitors such as how many visitors have visited out website,how long they spend on the site(time),how many pages they open and what type of technologies use such as (iphone,smartphone,tablet,pc).this type of data can help us to improve our website quality.

this time we use the google analytics :- analytic privacy&terms

social network cookies

the social network cookies are used by the (facebook,twitter,google+,linkedin).social sites can help to share or like our content.this indicate your interest. how much you like our content.

the privacy implication on this will vary from the different social websites and dependent on the privacy settings you have chosen on these network.

advertising cookies

all our advertising networks used cookies to gain personally identifiable information from these cookes. you can learn more about online advertising cookes www.youronlinechoices.com

anchor links

w3webtutorial contains anchor links to other content related sites.w3webtutorial team are not responsible for the privacy policy and content of such websites.thie privacy page applies only to w3schools.

any privacy reason you can contact :- [email protected] , [email protected]